Uh Oh, I Think I Have Bed Bugs In My Home

In the past decade, bed bugs have been popping up all over the world, from homes to hospitals to movie theaters and more. In Vienna, VA, finding bed bugs in your home can be a frightening thing, especially if you’re not exactly sure how they got there in the first place. Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating pest problems homeowners face, says Brett Lieberman, owner of Fairfax-based My Pest Pros. Not only are they extremely hard to eradicate once you have them, but they are notoriously difficult to get rid of on your own. Bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites that feed on their hosts at night while they sleep. Whether you are traveling or staying local, it's critical to prevent and/or eliminate bed bugs in your home.

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Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating pests a homeowner can face.

How Did I Get BedBugs?

The truth is that anyone can get bed bugs—there’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. It’s not your fault if you have an infestation—it doesn’t mean you were dirty or didn’t take care of things properly.  Bed bugs are opportunistic pests; they go where people go. Having them in your home means something has gone wrong with your pest-control efforts; it does not mean there’s anything wrong with you. If you suspect a problem, contact a professional immediately and never try to resolve it yourself! You may make things worse by trying DIY measures and risk spreading them throughout your house instead of eliminating them from a single room. Because these little guys tend to hide during daylight hours, you could end up with a huge problem before even realizing what was going on. In fact, we find that homeowners who try a DIY approach make the situation worse, more difficult to resolve, and more

Do’s and Don’ts of Bed Bugs Control For Your Virginia Home

Don’t leave suitcases in living spaces when traveling. Bed bugs can’t jump or fly; they spread by hitchhiking in bags and clothing, so never leave items unattended on chairs or in rooms where you’re staying. And if you bring back an item that may have been exposed to bed bugs while you were away—say a pair of shoes or a suitcase—wash it immediately. Because bed bugs are not usually found inside mattresses, box springs, pillows, or other places around a mattress, washing these things isn’t necessary unless there is a known problem with infestation. Also, be sure to put all clothes through a high-heat dryer cycle for at least 20 minutes before hanging them up. If possible, steam any furniture that will come into contact with your body as well as any appliances such as TVs and microwaves. This will help kill anything hiding within those crevices so bed bugs won’t crawl onto you once you return from a trip. Avoid clutter: It gives bed bugs more nooks and crannies to hide in, which makes it harder for pest control professionals to get rid of them successfully. Remove old mattresses, couches, dressers and other pieces of furniture.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs With A Heat Treatment

With a little preparation and knowledge on how heat treatment works you can stop these nasty creatures from entering your family’s home. A heat treatment or thermal remediation is used by commercial exterminators as a way to eliminate large amounts of pests in a matter of hours. The heat will penetrate into cracks and crevices where other methods may not reach. This method takes less time than other treatments while still killing nearly 100% of all pests living within its footprint. 

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, My Pest Pros can inspect and eliminate them. We can also offer an ongoing protection program to help prevent future bed bug infestations in your home. Call us today at 703-665-4455, so you can relax and We’ll Get Rid of What’s Bugging You!