The holidays should be a time to kick back and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Unfortunately, unexpected pest infestations can put a big damper on any festive gathering. That's why it's essential for homeowners to know what pests are typically found in D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland during the winter. Knowing what to look out for will help you ensure that your home is clean, festive and pest free for the coming holiday season.

Knowing Which Winter Pests Should Be on Your Watch List

Winter temperatures can be downright chilly in our local area, but that doesn't mean that all of the pests we deal with during the summer months go away. In fact, cooler temperatures outdoors often means that creepy crawlers try to sneak into homes and outbuildings where they can find food and shelter. The pests that we typically see in our area during the winter months include:

  • termites
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • beetles
  • earwigs

In addition to these pests, rodents such as rats and mice can also pose serious problems in the winter. Just like their insect counterparts, they enter homes and outbuildings to find food and shelter.

Is Your Home Attractive to Winter Pests?

The easiest way to get rid of a pest infestation is to stop it from happening in the first place. Remember that pests are attracted to:

  • food that isn't stored in sealed, airtight containers
  • standing pools of water or water dripping from leaking pipes
  • piles of leaves and other yard debris
  • firewood piles
  • warm spaces

Store food properly, clean up debris, and seals gaps in windows and doorways to discourage pests from entering your home.

How to Spot an Infestation Before it Gets Out of Hand

Spotting a pest infestation early is essential to keeping things from getting out of control. The most common signs of an infestation include:

  • the presence of feces or droppings
  • musty or oily smells in your home
  • gnaw marks or holes around windows and doorways
  • shed wings
  • small piles of sawdust
  • dead insects inside your home

Of course, seeing live insects or rodents inside your home is also a tell-tale sign of an infestation.

Have you noticed the signs of an infestation in your home or on your property? It's time to seek professional help. At My Pest Pros, we specialize in eradicating infestations for homeowners throughout the D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. If you need help getting rid of troublesome pests, call us today to set up an appointment. We're here to ensure that you can enjoy your holidays without any unwanted houseguests.