For good reason, rodents have a reputation for being some extremely disgusting creatures. They can cause homeowners a great deal of frustration. Here are five signs that rodents are living inside of your home.

1) Late-Night Sounds
During the daytime, rodents typically lay low. They tend to do most of their dirty work late at night. While sleeping in your bed, you may become awakened by a scratching or gnawing sound. You may even hear a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor. These are surefire signs that you are dealing with a rodent problem.

2) Droppings
Rats and mice are not known for being sanitary animals. From your kitchen cabinets to your bedroom closet, they will leave droppings in a variety of different places. If the droppings look rather fresh, you will need to take action immediately. Like roaches, rodents have a tendency to multiply quite rapidly.

3) Musty Smell
Rodents will leave behind a very musty odor. Certain areas of your home will begin to smell very unsanitary. Even worse, the putrid scent can linger in the air for days at a time. Although you may attempt to cover up the smell by spraying a deodorizer, it is only a matter of time before the rodents come back to mark their territory. A dead rodent will cause your entire home to smell rotten.

4) Gnaw Marks
Rodents will chew on virtually anything. Some of the common items include floors, walls, ventilation ducts, and even electrical cords. They will also tear holes in trash bags and shred paper. Over time, the total amount of damage could become very costly.

5) Odd Pet Behavior
Pets, such as dogs and cats, will quickly take notice of a rodent. To get to the rodent, your pet may claw at the walls. You may also notice them staring at a particular area of your home.

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