A termite infestation can happen in a home or property at any time of the year, no matter the season or weather, which is why controlling and stopping termites is so important.

However, how you handle a termite infestation determines how much damage they will cause over time. Early detection is key and paramount to curbing their destructive behavior.

Further, it is also just as important to schedule regular termite inspections from a trusted exterminator for your home or property. Annual or even semi-annual inspections prevent all termites from becoming a problem.

Termites, no matter the time or season, can set up a colony right under your nose inside your home or property. What's worse, it can turn into a severe problem without your knowledge.

Termites work deep inside wood when they begin. From this central colony, they eat wood where it stands and create even larger nests throughout the structure.

Then, after a few months of eating your property, more obvious signs of damage begin to show on the outside of the wood. It is at this point, usually, that people finally see evidence of a termite infestation.

However, signs of a termite infestation don't always mean that the wood is permanently destroyed or marred. Damage can often be remediated and restored even when an infestation is at its worse. A professional can assess termite damage and decide on an action plan to save the property.

Termite damage repair can save a home or property from further deterioration and decay. Experts with years of experience in evaluating termite damage are your resource when repair is necessary.