Your office is buzzing with deadlines, projects, football and basketball pools, and the inevitable office gossip. With all this busyness, offices can become a pretty dirty place. Even with a cleaning staff, spilled drinks and food, dirty dishes left in the sink, the mystery container in the refrigerator and other cleanliness issues often lead to office pest issues all over Northern Virginia.

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Cleaning can help prevent many office pest problems

Perhaps the most common office pest issue is roach infestations, especially in office kitchens. But dirty office kitchens are not the only place where office pests are found. Office desks are pretty nasty places with more germs than a toilet. Storing snacks and candy in drawers add food sources for roaches and mice.

A small pest issue can quickly become a major pest infestation. These tips can help keep office pest problems at bay, so the only office pest will be your coworkers!

Clean up spills and other messes right away

Just as at home, the longer a mess sits the worse it will likely get. This is especially true in a busy office. It’s important to wipe down counters, desks, clean dishes in the sink, place dishes in the dishwasher (and run it daily), as well as sweep up crumbs. The holidays or birthdays often mean office celebrations can lead to many office pest issues when party messes are not promptly cleaned up.

Proper food storage is critical

Foods are best stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep pests out. Foods that do not need to be kept at a low temperature should be stored in sealed containers. Many pests prefer cardboard and other boxed. Plastic, glass and metal containers will help keep food fresh and deter pests. Don’t forget about food and snacks stored in desks. Pests, including mice and roaches, can take up residency in a desk that has snacks and good nesting places.

Take out the garbage

Don’t leave garbage sitting out. Trash cans should be emptied daily. Don’t forget trash cans under the desks because employees often throw away food, snacks and wrappers.

Look under the sink and behind the refrigerator

Don’t forget to inspect what you can’t see. Hidden spaces such as under the sink are dark and quiet and often provide excellent hiding locations for pest breeding. Food and liquids may also spill and get underneath of behind the office refrigerator. Regular inspections and cleaning of these areas can help prevent a lot of problems.

Clean out the cabinets

Office kitchen cabinets and draws also need regular attention to prevent office pest problems. Whether it’s at home or the office, cracks and crevices in cabinets as well as shelves are places pests like to make their home. Food spillage or residue on mugs, dishes or stored food products may attract pests.

If pests still find their way into your office, the professional pest control experts at My Pest Pros are just a call away. We’ll Get Rid of What’s Bugging You!