There are a lot of great choices for dinning out at Alexandria, VA restaurants. One thing restaurant owners or diners do not want to see during a meal is a furry mouse or rat scurrying along the wall. Fortunately, the team at My Pest Pros can help prevent and eliminate rodent and other pest control...
issues so that the only thing in your soup is soup.

dirty drains in restaurant can lead to pest issues
Dirty drains are an example of a sanitation issue in restaurants that can lead to pest issues.

10 Restaurant Rodent Control Tips

  1. Sanitation and consistent cleaning are essential to making your restaurant inhospitable to rodents. Any available food, water, or grease can be targeted by rodents. Hard to clean areas, like under and behind appliances, are favored by rodents and can’t be ignored.Mice in Alexandria Restaurants alt
  2. Rats can fit through a 1/2-in. opening, and mice only need a 1/4-in. to gain access to your restaurant from outside. If you can see light coming from under or alongside an exterior door, it may need to be fitted with a rodent-proof door sweep. Exterior doors should never be left open when not in use.
  3. Recognizing rodent damage and signs of presence early is essential. Evidence of mouse and rat presence includes gnaw marks (1/16-in. to 1/6-in. wide), darkened and greasy “rub” marks, damaged food, nesting material, tracks (1/2-in. to 1-in. for hind feet), and droppings (1/8-in. to 1.5-in. in length).
  4. Look up, down, and around. Rodents can live at floor level and above the ceiling. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious and think three-dimensionally.
  5. Minimize clutter and don’t store supplies for over 30 days. Any supplies that must be stored for longer periods of time should be moved periodically. Cycling through supplies quickly will disrupt rodent activity and make rodent signs and damage visible.
  6. Leave rodent monitoring and management devices in place. Your pest management professional has carefully chosen the type and placement of rodent traps and bait stations, and disturbing their location may reduce their effectiveness. Inform your manager if devices have been damaged or removed.
  7. Trash management is pest management. Trash should never be stored inside for longer than the length of time it takes for a bag to be filled and partially full bags must be removed before close. Dumpsters must be kept closed, and the area underneath and around them should be cleaned weekly.
  8. Consider cleaning schedules to be the minimum requirement. More frequent cleaning, and deep and detailed cleaning, is always recommended.
  9. Rodents, especially mice, are often moved around on trucks and trailers. Inspect incoming goods for signs of rodents and promptly remove shipping and packaging materials from the premises.
  10. Call My Pest Pros at 703-665-4455 if you see a rodent or rodent evidence inside your Alexandria restaurant.