Thinking about bedbugs is a horror for most of us and actually having them in your bed where you comfortably sleep at night is an even bigger horror story. There are a lot of myths about how to get rid of them from heating the room to opting for bug bombs. We all want to take control of the situation fast but there are actually things we need to avoid when getting rid of bed bugs.

In an attempt to make everyone understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided, here are some things you should remember when trying to get rid of bed bugs.

rid bed bugs

Don’t do it yourself

Most people try to exterminate on their own and unfortunately, this usually leads to more damage than good. Chemicals are hard to deal with and professionals should only be the ones handling those nasty chemicals if you don’t want to hurt your self of your small children.

Don’t heat or don’t freeze your room

People believe that since bed bugs only live in normal temperatures that freezing or heating the room should do the trick. This is another unfortunate belief because heating the room would only kill the exposed bed bugs and those that can get away from the heat will still survive. On the other hand, freezing would not work unless you deep-freeze your room for about four days to kill every single bed bug but this is undoubtedly easily doable for regular households or business establishments.

Notify your local pest control pros

If you live in Fairfax, VA, you can call My Pest Pros to immediately set up an appointment with them. Do your self a favor and call a professional before you do more damage. Even though you are only noticing the first signs of bed bugs, you can never be sure about the extent of their habituation in your home because bed bugs are awfully tiny and can hide in very small cracks and deep areas. It’s always a better idea to get the assessment from a professional who has a wide range of services in their list. Who knows, that could even save you from even more trouble with some other pests.

Clean your house thoroughly and regularly

This includes vacuuming every single inch of your house at least once a week. You should also vacuum mattresses, walls, light switches and outlets and anything that could possibly hide small pests.

Spend money on it

Unfortunately, getting rid of bed bugs would cost you some money because it may require extermination more than once. Your best bet is to choose a real professional with a proven track record of service so you can save as much as you can. Licensed technicians are very important because only with them can you be confident that everything you need to be done will be handled properly.

If all else fails, just get rid of the infested furniture and buy yourself a new one. Pests are really pesky but your family’s safety matters the most.