Are you still dealing with creepy spiders and spider webs long after Halloween has passed? Eliminating spiders is one of the most frequently requested pest control services we see in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, MD and Washington, D.C. It's not unusual to find these eight-legged insects lurking in corners of homes in Fairfax, VA, Burke, VA, Falls Church, VA and the surrounding areas of Washington, D.C.

Spiders are most frequently found in attics, crawl spaces and utility rooms. They like these dark and often warm areas, where they can spin their webs in quiet and wait for a meal. But it's not uncommon to find spiders and their webs in corners of bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the home.

While most common house spiders in the DMV region are harmless, a spider bite can be annoying and painful. Plus, nobody wants to wake up and find a spider in his or her bed, closet or clothes. Spiders bite when they feel threatened, which is often when they come into physical contact. We're fans of the Spiderman movies, but films including Arachnophobia or Dr. No may increase spider fears.

The black widow spider is one of the few native spiders in Virginia and Maryland that have toxic venom.

Here are tips to reduce the number of spiders in your home:

  • Seal entry points to prevent access to spiders and the insects they eat.
  • Clean and remove clutter that can hide spiders.
  • Maintain the exterior of your home to reduce the number of spiders and other insects immediately around your home.
  • Remove spider webs inside and on the exterior of your home.

Year-round pest control protection can help control unwelcome arachnids and other unwanted bugs and pests. My Pest Pros will get rid of spiders or other pests from your home or office in Alexandria, VA, Arlington County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Loudoun County VA, Montgomery County, MD and Washington, D.C. Call us today to lean more!