the stink bug altWinter weather usually brings a lot of calls to pest control companies about mice, rats and squirrels in homes. This cold winter is also bringing a lot of reports about another pest - the stink bug – causing problems as they return to homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Just like rodents and other pests, stinkbugs are making their way into attics, garages and walls. They are seeking warm places and protect from the cold in areas such as Vienna, VA, Fairfax, VA, Haymarket, VA and Bethesda, MD. Many homeowners report they are creepy out of lights, ducts and other cracks and crevices.

Brown marmorated stink bug, also known as "Halyomorpha halys," was first identified in the United States in Allentown, PA in the late 1990s. This invasive species likely arrived in shipping containers from Asia and is now found in 40 states.

Stinkbugs smell and can leave a brown stain when crushed. They are often found on the southern and western sides of homes, where the sun provides more heat.
While stinkbugs can often survive the winter under tree bark, they much prefer the warmth of your home. This is especially true during cold winter's such as the Washington, D.C. region is experiencing.

My Pest Pros treats year round for stinkbugs, but we recommend exterior treatments of your home when they are most active in the spring and the fall. This coincides with when the adults typically emerge in the late spring and then later when they lay eggs and seek out shelter for the winter.

An easy way to dispose of stinkbugs is by vacuuming them up. This may help reduce the population, but it will not likely eliminate them altogether.

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