kill ants?

Many wonder how to kill ants and finding the right way to do it can be daunting. Ant problem is- in fact a problem. It doesn’t matter which kind of the 12,000 species of ants are roaming inside your house, because these very tiny and very clever creatures will find their way to even the cleanest closet or dinner table. This typical scenario doesn’t need over thinking. Just two words: Ants forage. And while they are busy with foraging they will detect food inside your jacket pocket, or a drop of anything sweet in particular to wherever this maybe. It is normal to see ants everywhere- but when they start to hang out in your home in a rather frequent manner then they are not cute anymore. There are effective and cheap home remedies that will safely remove ants using the following:

Boiling water + liquid dishwasher

This method is enough to kill a colony provided you locate the ant hill and then pour it right on the spot. This method will prove messy on scattered locations with just 10 or 20 of them around. One way to efficiently use this method is to put the water inside a spray bottle or sprinkler bottle (like those colored plastic kind used in gardening) and add your liquid soap solution. The water is not necessarily boiling in this case.

How to Kill Ants with Vinegar (diluted or undiluted)

If the first combo did not satisfy you, our #2 ant buster will do the trick. Get your spray bottle then mix vinegar and water. The measurement of both liquids will depend on your usage. Spray the solution on their hang out places. Repeat it two to three times if needed. OR just spray pure vinegar because it alone wipes out their trail. This will be a sign that the “Road is Closed”. They will of course opt for a detour.

Use Table Salt + water OR no water

This solution does “kill”. It dehydrates them. On the other hand, plain table salt does not. It is only effective in intercepting the ants. This should not be applied on heavy ant-infestation.


It is not advisable to use chemical pesticides especially in your kitchen. Chemical particles will settle on exposed food and utensils. Cucumber is a safe remedy in the kitchen using the peeled off skin. Its magic works by giving off a scent by effectively confusing the ants. Place the skins where they usually “eye-ball” and to entrance points they use to come and go.


Your favorite perfume may not be that good smelling to these little critters after all. Perfumes and essential oils can be used to help deter ants. They can keep ants away from your home. The perfume will leave its scent without the hassle of stains and cleaning it up after application.

Many people will also use products such as boric acid to repel ants and other pests. However, overusing boric acid can cause health and safety issues. When overused, ants, roaches and other pests will not be deterred.

Cleaning counters and ant pathways can also eliminate food sources that attract ants. Ants will follow scent trails paid down by other ants to find the food source. Eliminating these pheromone trails will help confuse them as well as what attracts ants.

There are innumerable benefits of ants that we should be aware of. They are after all very important in the ecosystem. However, they can pesky and can cause great damage to property and even to people. Ideally, you want to repel ants from around your home, but once inside you may need the help of a professional exterminator.

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