carpenter ant galleries

Carpenter ants are common home invaders. They damage woods where they are nesting and can leave parts of the house in severe breakage. They are a destruction and pest among structures may it be indoor or outdoor. Tracking these ants is easy although may be difficult to remove depending to the damage and time they have spent in the nest. These ants usually trail into window panels, electrical wires and pipes leading the way to their nest. However, it is necessary to get rid of these ants before they make further damage in our homes because even though they do not eat the woods like termites, they have the ability to cause extreme damage to our house when not prevented.

Carpenter Ants in the House

Finding ants at home are not only common but it is also a continuous occurrence in our homes. They are one of the number one pests that keep on coming back and leaving damages in the structures of our houses. They are a never ending cause of problems in the house and even in the food we eat where they have infiltrated and in our source of water.

Because these ants live in colonies, thousands of them scatter in places of the houses making it hard to locate their nests. Outdoor carpenter ants can usually be found in logs, tree trunks but they also create damaging territories inside our houses penetrating places in a hollow.

The ant queen usually lay16 eggs yearly and can last as long as 25 years. Their eggs take about 6 to 12 weeks for them to complete their life cycle. With these numbers, you can already tell how much of them can actually invade and damage your home if not treated or prevented at the early stage of their nesting.

Getting rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants, unlike termites do not really eat the woods; rather, they usually nest there causing the damage. They invade our food and water and damage our electrical cords causing more problems in the house.

There are number of ways in which we can get rid of these pests in our house but first you must locate where they are nesting. Areas with sawdust are where usually the nearest place where these ants created their tunnels. Removing the ants depends on the damage they have infiltrated in the wood, you may remove these nest using a vacuum cleaner, also, remember that these nets are not only located in one place, do not forget to check other places making sure that you have removed them.

You may also use toxics with a mixture of sugar to lure out ants; this will help in terminating a large number of ants and helps in trailing their nest. On the other hand, these toxics must be handled with care and away from children.

If nests in the house already caused extreme damage, it is best to call pest control professionals to do the infestations in your house.