When it comes to the late Fall and winter months, pest control in Northern Virginia can seem a bit more difficult. As Fall sets in, the first of the seasonal pests makes an appearance; the stinkbug. It, like most other cold weather pests, begins to invade homes seeking shelter from the dropping temperatures. Aside from stinkbugs, there are several other pests that can make their way inside, and do anything from rile up allergies, to leave unsavory messes and pose medical concerns.

Fall leavesStinkbugs, mice, cockroaches, and other insects all invade in Winter.

For most Fairfax, VA pest control companies, the common pest complaints received are centered around critters that are looking for warmth. While pests such as stinkbugs can be smelly and leave nasty stains if squashed, they are fairly easy to remove with something like a shop vac. The bigger concerns for winter pests are the mice and cockroaches. Both of these are known for carrying and transmitting several infectious diseases and parasites, as well as shedding allergens in their droppings, saliva, and skin. Many species of spiders will also wander indoors in cold weather, often seeking both shelter and stalking after the other insect that came in as well.

What you can do to help prevent and discourage winter pests.

Pest control in Northern Virginia is a lot like it is in other parts of the country. The basics to making a home less inviting to pests are the same everywhere. You want to make sure that everything is sealed up and that you are not harboring areas that can be considered prime real estate by pests.

The process of eliminating cold weather pests can also help improve your home's energy efficiency. Sealing up cracks, such as where piping and ventilation enter and leave the home is one step that can be taken. This can also include have secure and breathable grating on things such as dryer vents. Dehumidifying basements and attics can help further discourage many insects from taking an interest as well. There are three major things that they are seeking; shelter, food, and water. They can survive off the tiniest amounts, so keeping the home sealed and dry can help make it less welcoming. One of the biggest things that any pest control company will suggest to clients, is to be sure that food and food sources are kept under control. This means keeping all food off the counters and floors and food garbage in sealed containers. For pests such as cockroaches, the task can be particularly challenging. Old boxes can provide an adequate supply of food, via the glue used to hold them together.

Most Winter pests can be prevented, but when they cannot...

It is important to call on the services of company that specializes in pest control in Northern Virginia. Local companies tend to be better equipped and accustomed to dealing with the regional pests and provide the best customer service. If after doing what you can to make your home inhospitable for pests, but still seem to be having a problem, calling in a pest control service can help get it back under control for good. The sooner a problem is addressed, the easier it will be to handle. Which also means, preparing the home before they arrive is also more effective than when they have already started to show up.

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