Pest Control Without Service Agreement or With Pest Control Service Agreements?

To sign a pest control service agreement, or not, that is the question that a lot of people face when they find themselves with a pest control issue. Even for those wanting to protect their home, the idea of engaging into a pest control service agreement is something to consider. Just what is service agreement for pest control? It is a form of contract that the customer and pest control service enter into. It will outline several points, such as what pests are being remedied, where this service is taking place, how frequently treatments are being applied, and what treatments are being applied. It will also list the costs, either as an itemized bill or a total sum for the entire length of recurring treatment.

Why People Sign Pest Control Service Agreements

For many people there are often significant benefits of signing a service agreement with their pest control company. It is often more cost effective to have a series of schedules and set payments for pest control services. It is also a matter of convenience and security. Instead of requiring repeated scheduling, a service agreement will outline time frames, or even specific appointments, so you know when to expect them and how to better plan out your schedule. You can also rest assured that your pest control problem will be taken care without hassle for the duration of the agreement. A good way to look at a pest control service agreement, is to think of it as insurance that the pest will not only be removed, but kept away. For treatments such as termite treatment and prevention, it is also a way of proactively protecting what is often your biggest financial investment.

Service-Agreements altFor some homeowners, the pest control issue is not serious and they do not feel a need to enter into a recurring pest control service agreement. In other instances, homeowners may be unsure about the investment, or dislike the idea of being locked into an agreement. While it is understandable to want to see how a company performs after a single job, before considering them for extended services, it is important to consider costs. For most companies, the cost of an agreement is considerably more cost effective than repeated jobs that are not contracted through a service agreement. As for being unsure of the work, most agreements also come with a guarantee of satisfaction and that the job will be done.

The Bottom Line

There are very few reasons why a pest control service agreement does not work best for most pest control needs. Having assured pest control coverage for your home, not only protects it as an investment, but ensures it is a healthier environment for your family. There are many types of pests that can present not just a sense of discomfort for many people, they also carry diseases that can endanger the health of people and animals living inside the home. In the end, with the benefits presented, there is no reason to not at least investigate the types of pest control service agreements are available.

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