Treat Bed Bugs altGetting rid of bed bugs is no easy feat. The process of getting rid of bed bugs takes a long time. The best option for eradicating bed bugs is to hire a pest control company to take care of the problem. However, if you would rather take care of it yourself, here are some ways to eliminate those nasty pests.

First, figure out which rooms have the bed bugs. High risk areas in rooms include mattresses and box spring seams, bed sheets, baseboards, picture frames, electrical outlet plugs, behind loose wallpaper, luggage, cracks in the headboard and bed frame, bed skirts, and upholstered furniture. It is essential to check these areas for their rust colored dark spots. After determining which rooms are infested, vacuum the mattresses, box springs, bed frames, drawers and furniture to remove as many eggs and bugs as you can. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag after use and seal it in a plastic bag before throwing it away.

Be careful when taking measures against bed bugs. Bed bugs spread slowly to other places in the house where people sleep. Check sofas as well as beds when taking care of an infestation. Create a safe place to sleep in the house by double bagging your bedding and washing it in hot water for at least 30 minutes. Then encase your mattress with bed bug proof encasements after vacuuming. If you can, isolate your bed from the rest of the house in order to keep the bed bugs from spreading to other rooms.
Bed bugs are tiny, but systematically treating and examining your rooms can help to keep them away. When using insecticides, be sure to use and select them carefully. Most insecticides such as distomacous earth, Sterifab, Bedlam, and pyrethroid sprays are effective in killing bed bugs. However, aerosol foggers and “Bug Bombs” do not work against bed bugs. Make sure you are using an effective pesticide.

The easiest way to avoid a bed bug infestation in your home is to check your bags and luggage after traveling. Storing your luggage in plastic bags can help keep bed bugs from different hotel rooms from spreading in your house.

My Pest Pros offers a variety of treatment options for effectively eliminating bed bugs. Our technicians can provide a traditional chemical-type treatment, use steam or bed bug heat treatments. Contact us for a consultation and to schedule a bed bug inspection to discuss the best bed bug treatment option for your home.

Good luck on your quest to vanquish bed bugs.