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Whenever you see common black ants outside, there really is no need to be concerned. For the most part, these creatures are harmless and cannot cause you any trouble outside. However, when these ants decide to invade your home, this is when you should seek professional ant control as they can be problematic.

Invade in Extremely High Numbers

After an ant colony sends their scouts and determines that your home is worth invading, they will come in extremely high numbers. Although these insects are not difficult to eliminate, the problem is that there are usually so many of them that do-it-yourself methods are ineffective. Pest control professionals know how to take care of an ant colony that has made your home their target destination.

Persistent with Their Efforts


Another issue with these ants is that they are so persistent with their efforts. After getting rid of the first batch of ants, they will just bring another one to get what they need. It is for this reason that you cannot rely on doing your own pest control as professionals are capable of eliminating a colony effectively.

They Contaminate Your Home

When ants get into your home, they carry along disease and bacteria. As long as you handle the situation carefully, clean up the infested area thoroughly, and throw out any contaminated food or drinks, you should be able to prevent anyone in your household from becoming sick.

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It is better to keep your home sealed to prevent ants from gaining an entryway into your home. However, when you do have a problem, you need to resolve it by hiring a pest control company. For help with ants or other pests around Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, call My Pest Pros, a local pest exterminator today! We can help provide pest protection in areas including Fairfax, VAArlington, VAMcLean, VA and other nearby communities. Schedule a treatment.