Bed-Bug-BitesNowadays, we are dealing with different kinds of pest problems in our home, office or just about anywhere. One of the most common problems is that of the bed bugs. My Pest Pros has a specially designed treatment that can eradicate this situation for us. In fact, they have a number of solutions that we can choose from. They have commercial pest control services, residential services, organic pest treatment, etc. Their area of operation encompasses Maryland, Washington D.C. and the northern part of Virginia. My Pest Pros is a family-owned and operated company which is why they can guarantee excellent customer service.  However, they need us to go through a few simple things first to determine that our problem is really bed bugs related so that they can provide the correct solution.

The First Step is to Confirm a Bed Bug Bite

We need to take a closer look at the bites that we have because bed bug bites often resemble the ones that come from other insects. They look similar to that of a mosquito bite which makes it difficult to identify at times. Sometimes, even doctors fail to recognize it by simply looking at the bite. So here’s what we can do.  We can check if the for the distinctive pattern of a bed bug’s bite. Although there are times that there’s only one bite mark, most of the time they come in three or five bite marks. Also, pay attention when the bite occurred. This is the difficult part as the reaction to a bed bug’s bite may vary from one person to another. Some people only take a few hours to see the bite marks on their skin while others may take as long as one week.

Let’s Deal with It!

If we check our mattresses and see some red spots of blood there, then it is confirmed! We are indeed having a bed bug problem. The first thing that we can do is call an exterminator. We can try to treat the existing bites, but if the bugs live in our mattresses the bites that we already have is sure to become worse. That is why it is wise for have to let the experts do their job. We can contact a pest control company, like My Pest Pros, to put an end to the bed bug situation that we are having. As for treating our existing bites, we can apply some over-the-counter medications. One good example is a steroidal anti-itch cream with hydrocortisone. A calamine lotion is also efficient as it dries the rash and protect the skin while it heals.