Our area sees its fair share of pests in and around homes during all seasons of the year. But, as summer continues on, it's important to get a keep ahead of all of your home's pest control problems before they grow into a truly devastating predicament.

To help you along, here are some of the most common indoor and outdoor pests (aside from termites) that you will find in the Metro DC area, and some of the many reasons why you should have them removed from your property.

Mosquitos: Though spring and summer are worst for mosquitoes (due to mating and spawning), treating for these little bloodsuckers year round helps keep them at bay. Consider treating your property for mosquitos before the weather turns hot.

Ants: Like mosquitos, Maryland and Virginia have many types of pesky ants. While smaller ants are a problem in your kitchen, larger ants (like carpenter ants) are a problem for your home itself. If you see any type of ant in your home, there is likely a colony nearby. Allow a professional exterminator to inspect your home or property to be sure.

Stinging Insects: Yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps are aggressive and annoying, to say the least. When these beasts decide to set up shop on your property, it's dangerous to remove them without proper skill and equipment. If you have a stinging insect problem, it's best to let a professional deal with the situation. There is no need to put yourself in danger when an expert is equipped to deal with the problem.

If you are experiencing problems from any of the pests that we outlined above, consider a professional for additional information on how they can help you.