Pests are a hassle, regardless of whether they are harmful or just an annoyance. For instance, while sugar ants can invade food and force you to throw it away, they do not cause any physical harm. While you will still want to invest in methods to get rid of these ants, you should make it a top priority to get rid of any pest that can cause harm, especially when they are extremely resilient to elimination.

If you recently moved to a new home and had to stay at a few hotels during your drive, you may have attracted some bedbugs along, which can wreak havoc in your new residence.

Coordinate Your Hours of Driving

It is smart to coordinate your driving to avoid a situation in which you are on the road and extremely tired. However, as you go through the planning, you will generally end up in a few small towns that provide you with a limited selection of hotels to choose from. As a result, you may have to stay at some lower quality hotels, which is perfectly fine, as long as you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Choice Is Slim with Pets

Lower quality hotels naturally have a higher chance of bedbug infestations. Unfortunately, when you have pets that you are bringing along, your hotel choices get even slimmer. With only one or two options to choose from, you either have to drive a shorter or longer distance to gain more options, or take your chances and stay at one of the hotels that might not have the greatest reputation. Since you likely want to get your move over with quickly, you may take a risk on a not-so-great hotel.

Bedbugs are Resilient Creatures

Bedbugs are tough creatures that hide well and reproduce at rapid speeds, so it is not uncommon for some budget hotels in small towns to harbor them. If you find that they are in your new home, you should rely on professional assistance to prevent them from further breeding and eliminate them completely.

While you can take your time with getting rid of certain pests, bedbugs are not one of them.