If you have a pest problem but are concerned about the effects that harmful chemicals may have on the environment as well as the people in your household, you may want to take advantage of organic pest control services. Sometimes referred to as integrated pest management, organic pest control uses a variety of methods of keeping pests out of your home.

While pesticides may be used in organic pest control, it is not the first or only resource. In this type of pest control plan, the focus is on using biological, mechanical and physical tactics to keep pests under control or to eliminate them. Pesticides may be used to bolster these efforts, but methods involving exclusion, habitat modification and sanitation are the first lines of attack.

One of the first and particularly effective steps in an organic pest control plan involves identifying the exact type of pest in your home. Different species and types of pests have different habits and are attracted to different things, and this information can help pest experts determine ways to make your home a less attractive and hospitable place for these invaders.

Another part of an organic pest control plan is determining where pests are getting in and/or what is attracting them. If you have a rodent problem, it may be due to holes in your foundation, your roof or other parts of your home that need to be repaired. An ant problem may stem from leaving or storing food in particular areas of your house.

Pesticides may also be used to deter or kill invading pests and their offspring, larvae or eggs. From there, sanitation and eliminating entries to your home will often be all that is necessary to keep pests at bay and prevent them from returning to your home. The goal of pest control experts practicing organic pest control is to use as little pesticide as possible.

Pesticides that are used are EPA-registered and often have little detrimental effect on a home's occupants or the environment. They will also be used judiciously and normally around the perimeter of a home or in areas where pests are attracted to.

By using a combination of pest deterrents and, when they are necessary, pesticides, pest control experts are able to ensure that organic pest control is both effective and safe. If you are interested in an eco-friendly way to eliminate pests from your home, get in touch with My Pest Pros. We can explain how our processes work and help you naturally and effectively eliminate insects, rodents and a variety of other pests.