Vampires may frighten you in the movies, but there's something far more sinister lurking in your own backyard. Fleas and ticks are living vampires as they hide out of sight and feed on blood. Unlike the blood-suckers in the movies, fleas and ticks search for victims both day and night. They not only target humans but also pets that scamper and roll around in the grass.

The Difference Between Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are classified as parasites since they require a host in order to survive. However, they're both quite different species. Fleas are wingless insects whereas ticks are arachnids. Though they both feed on blood, these parasites don't always choose similar targets. The key differences between a flea and a tick are:

Fleas have few hosts that include dogs, cats and wildlife such as possums and foxes. Adults live more than 100 days and prefer warmer climates. They spread diseases such as tapeworm and bartonellosis and can transmit heartworm to animals.

Ticks choose both human and animal hosts and live for three years. They survive in near-freezing temperatures and don't need to live on their host throughout their lifespan. Ticks also transmit many harmful diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

How Do Fleas and Ticks Attack?

Fleas and ticks lie in wait for a host to come along. When a human or an animal enters the area, fleas will jump and latch onto clothing and fur. From there, they will crawl around until they've found a spot in which to feed. It's more difficult for fleas to infest a human, but once they get into animal fur, it's a chore to get them out.

Ticks cling to tall grass or tree branches and grab hold of victims as they pass. They crawl so lightly that a person rarely notices them until they've burrowed into the skin. Once they latch onto someone, they won't let go until they've gorged on blood or the person finds and removes them.

Prevent Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard

You don't have to deal with flea and tick infestations in your yard or home. Even if you don't think that these invasive pests lurk on your property, they're definitely somewhere nearby. Flea-infested cats and dogs can enter your yard and introduce these insects to your grass. If you want to pest-proof against fleas and ticks, contact My Pest Pros. We offer free consultations and can create a highly-effective plan to not only eliminate any current infestations but also to prevent any future pest invasions in your yard.