Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are gray to blue. They have long bodies that range from half an inch to an inch long with tapered abdomens. Their fish-like appearance gives them their name. These insects may infest homes and are attracted to damp clothing and paper. They feed on sugars and starches that are found in cellulose, glue, shampoo, linens, silk and dead insects. While they do not spread disease or cause much damage, most people do not want to have an infestation of these bugs in their homes.

Where silverfish are commonly found

Silverfish prefer areas that are damp and dark. While they are able to survive in nearly any type of environment, they grow best in areas with high humidity. They are commonly found in moist areas of kitchens, bathrooms, basements and attics, and they may infest stored boxes in garages and other areas. They are nocturnal insects. Homeowners normally learn that they have infestations of silverfish when they spot the bugs under kitchen sinks, on floors or in bathtubs. Because the bugs are nocturnal, move quickly and hide, homeowners may not identify that they have infestations for lengthy periods of time.

Why silverfish infest homes

With numerous sources of moisture and food, homes commonly attract silverfish. The bugs may be attracted by paper, book glue and other starchy sources as well as the humid environments that are commonly found in bathrooms, under kitchen sinks and laundry rooms. It is possible to take preventative measures to avoid silverfish infestations. People should avoid allowing papers to pile up, and they should clear out old cardboard boxes from their basements. Off-season clothes should be stored in air-tight bins, and food should be stored in air-tight containers. It is a good idea to make certain cracks and crevices are sealed to get rid of entry points. Finally, having a good bathroom fan installed and using a dehumidifier may help to limit silverfish infestations.

What to do when you have a silverfish infestation

In order to get rid of a silverfish infestation in your home, professional treatment is needed. While you are able to buy traps, they only kill single insects and do not destroy the eggs or the infestation of bugs. A professional from My Pest Pros can assess an infestation in order to determine the best treatment approach to take. Through a home inspection, a pest control technician may identify all of the infestation sources and remedy them to rid your home of silverfish. For help with all of your silverfish control or pest control needs, contact My Pest Pros today.