Caulking windows helps to pest proof a home
Sealing and caulking around doors and windows is a great way to pest proof a home.

Even though the cold is just around the corner, it won't stop pests from infiltrating your home, triggering allergies, and causing structural damage. So, it's important to start pest-proofing for winter right now!

We'll go through the most common winter pests before telling you exactly how to ensure your house stays pest-free during the cold months.

Pest Proof Against The 7 Most Common Winter Pests

You should look out for these common pests this winter season:

#1 Silverfish

Silverfish head inside when the weather turns chilly. They love moisture, so you'll typically find them in your bathrooms and basements.

These odd-looking creatures won't harm you. However, they could damage your books, newspapers, or old photographs.

#2 Spiders

Interestingly, spiders contain a naturally occurring antifreeze! So, they won't come into your home to escape frostbite, but they may venture inside to find insects.

Many spiders in Northern Virginia are harmless, but there are a couple (particularly the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider) that are venomous.

#3 Mice and Rats

As winter rolls around, mice and other rodents want to stay in warm environments. Thus, they often find their way into your home throughout the cold season.

Unfortunately for you, they aren't the greatest housemates. They trigger allergies and spread diseases like wildfire. Not to mention that they could damage your electrical wiring, clothes, and other possessions.

#4 Termites

Your home can suffer greatly when infested by termites in winter. Why? Because they head inside your walls and eat the wood beams or frames, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

These pesky creatures require professional eradication from us at My Pest Pros to stop them from ruining your home's structure and endangering you and your loved ones.

#5 Roaches

Cockroaches are active all year round. But as soon as the cold strikes, they find a warm habitat to spend the winter — more often than not, it's your un-pest-proofed home!

They'll happily munch on your leftovers, but that isn't the worst part. Some people are allergic to cockroaches (whether they know it or not). So, if somebody in your home is suffering from allergies in the winter, you may have a roach infestation.

#6 Bed Bugs

Unlike black flies and other summer-time pests, bed bugs are active throughout the winter. Provided your house is warm, they'll live there without a care in the world.

Unfortunately, it's you that will have problems with your new house guests.

Bed bugs are silent, making them expert hiders, so you'll need to examine your bedding and take note of any suspicious, itchy bumps on your body to figure out whether they've infiltrated your home.

#7 Crickets

These brown, nocturnal insects live outside during warmer conditions. However, once the temperature drops, they look for ways to seek warmth from the comfort of your property.

If you're suffering from a cricket infestation, you might notice wallpaper, clothing, or material furniture damage because they feed on natural substances (i.e., wool, cotton, etc.).

Pest Proofing for Winter: 6 Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Cold Season

We weren't joking when we said that pest activity never stops! No matter the time of year, some creature or another can find comfort in your home.

Luckily, you can start pest-proofing for winter now to prevent these pesky pests from becoming unwanted house guests by following our top six tips and tricks:

  1. Seal cracks and crevices — You should look for cracks, holes, and other crevices around your windows and doors, in your attic, and throughout your basement. If you discover any, fill them in with caulk or window sealant, depending on where you find them.
  2. Screen chimneys and vents — Air conditioning vents and chimneys are huge entry points for small and large pests. Before winter is well and truly here, install screens or grates over them to prevent anything from infiltrating your currently pest-free home.
  3. Remove outdoor clutter — Maintaining your yard is essential for pest prevention. They thrive in untouched locations, so those piles of outside vegetation or clutter are a haven for all sorts of winter pests.
  4. Store firewood away from your property — We know wood piles look pretty but storing them too close to your home is a surefire way to invite pests inside.
  5. Get rid of excess moisture — Fix leaking pipes and clogged drains or gutters quickly to avoid moisture-rich environments.
  6. Keep your home clean — Empty your bins, avoid excessive mess, and clean up spills immediately to prevent pests. It's arguably the easiest way to pest proof for the winter (and any other season, for that matter).

Eliminate Winter Pests with Our Professional Pest Control Solutions Today!

Have you started pest-proofing too late? Don't worry; here at My Pest Pros, we specialize in eradicating all types of winter pests to keep you and your loved ones safe. Just contact us to schedule your treatment!