Pest Control Treatment DewebbingA house filled with spiders, roaches, termites, ants, rodents, crickets, or other types of pests is not a happy home. Unfortunately, once an infestation occurs, it's often difficult to eradicate these critters yourself. Instead, you need to seek pest control treatments from professional pest control specialists like us at My Pest Pros.

While a professional pest treatment is the most effective solution (the nuisances will be gone once we're finished), you may be worried about what to expect afterward. After all, we'll eliminate all your home's creepy crawlies or rodents, but that doesn't mean it takes immediate effect. 

So, if you want your burning "what should I expect after a pest control treatment" question answered, you've come to the right place.

The Importance of Pest Control Treatments

Before diving into the events that occur after a professional pest control treatment, it's worth understanding why hiring a service like ours is essential.

Not only can pests cause structural damage to your home and incite fear (or concern, at the very least) in you and your loved ones, but they also carry disease and trigger allergies.

Take a look at the disturbing pest facts below that highlight just how crucial eradicating them from your property is:

  • Rodents carry diseases, ticks, mites, and fleas that can infect you, your loved ones, and your pets.
  • Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes can transfer deadly diseases to humans, like malaria, Lyme Disease, and the West Nile Virus.
  • Rodents eat around 20% of the world's food supply.
  • Insect bites and stings are responsible for sending 500,000 to the emergency room every year.
  • Termites cost Americans around $5 billion on average in structural damage costs.
  • Almost two million U.S. residents are allergic to instinct stings.
  • Over 45,000 people are bitten every year by rats, causing salmonella, rat bite fever, and trichinosis.
  • Insect stings cause around 40 to 150 deaths.
  • Bed bugs weren't always so rife. Pest control companies like us are working hard to diminish the population.
  • 7% to 8% of the population are allergic to cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches infestations are linked to childhood asthma.

What Should I Expect After a Pest Control Treatment?

While we didn't mean to spook you, we're hoping we've done enough to establish the importance of timely, specialist eradication.

So, with that in mind, here's what you can expect following a pest control treatment:

#1 Pest Activity Might Be High

Once we have applied the pest control treatment throughout your home, don't be alarmed if critter (or rodent, depending on the type of pest you're dealing with) activity increases. While especially prevalent in cockroaches and ants, it tends to occur with most kinds of pests.

The activity boost is normal. In fact, it means it's doing its job — driving the pests away from their shelter!

Try not to panic. It will subside in a few days or weeks, leaving you with a gorgeous pest-free home once again.

#2 Rodents and Mice Take Longer to Go Away

Treatments vary depending on the type of pest you're dealing with. Usually, rodent control efforts take longer to work.

We recommend waiting one month to truly see whether the pest control treatment has worked for mice or rats. Before the four-week timeframe is over, you may still see rodents scurrying around. But with our intensive rodent services for mice and rats, you can rest easy knowing it'll soon be over.

#3 Spiders Will Leave Rapidly

Typically, spiders react pretty quickly to treatment. However, you'll see them crawling around for a few days while they figure out their escape route.

The Most Important Factor — Pest Control Treatments Aren't Instant!

As we're sure you've gathered by now, our pest control treatments are effective, but you need to give them time to work their magic.

The time it takes to see no critters depends on the type of infestation. For instance, cockroaches, carpet beetles, wasps, and silverfish could take six weeks, whereas fleas take three to four weeks.

When Can You Clean Your House After a Pest Control Treatment?

We know you're eager to clean your home once we've applied the treatment, but we recommend waiting between five days to a week before cleaning. Why? Otherwise, you might inadvertently wipe away our application, rendering it useless! Because every situation is different, talk with your technician about when and how you should clean.

Is It Safe to Be in Your Home After a Pest Control Treatment?

Despite what you may think, the decision to stay or leave your home during pest control treatments is yours to make. It's usually perfectly fine to remain inside while the technicians do their job. Your technician will advise you if you need to stay out of your home or away from certain areas. We usually recommend keeping children and pets away from treated areas until they dry, usually an hour.

Need a Pest Control Treatment? Choose My Pest Pros to Kick Out Those Critters!

Now you know exactly what to expect after a pest control treatment, allow us to eradicate those creepy crawlies or rodents. Our family-owned company services Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, allowing you to stay happy and healthy in your home.

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