Fleas on a cat
Closeup of fleas on a cat.

Fleas may be tiny, but an infestation can be hard to get rid of. Exterminators such as My Pest Pros can provide professional flea removal in Virginia and Maryland.

In this article, we will discuss what do-it-yourself methods can be used to eliminate fleas, when to call a professional exterminator and why there may be fleas in your house.


Why Are There Fleas In My House?

Fleas can hitch a ride on anything – clothes, furniture, rugs – but the most common vessel for bringing fleas into your house are pets. Cats and dogs are easy targets for fleas and will quickly settle into the fur of your pet only to transfer their home to your comfy couch or cozy rug once inside.

The best way to prevent fleas is to make sure your pet has a flea collar to discourage fleas from getting on them. Another great measure to take is to have a pest control service like My Pest Pros spray around your house for fleas.

Are There Any DIY Methods To Get Rid of Fleas?

There are plenty of home remedies to get rid of fleas. Lemon spray and witch hazel can make an effective aerosol to spray around your house where you know the fleas are. Fleas also hate certain herbs such as rosemary, spearmint, and lavender, so putting these plants near flea havens can help drive them out.

If you have fleas in your carpet, sprinkle salt, diatomaceous earth, or baking soda on the affected rug and vacuum it up. All of these products will kill fleas so that you can clean up the remains easily. Alternatively, you can place bowls filled with water and dish soap which act as flea traps in rooms that are infested with fleas.

When Should I Call A Professional For Flea Extermination?

If you have exhausted all of the home remedies and you still have flea problems, it may be time to call in the professionals. Fleas can reproduce quickly so an infestation can literally happen overnight.

Exterminators like My Pest Pros will be able to identify the problem areas where fleas are infesting and laying their eggs. Additionally, they can treat these areas as well as lay down preventive measures for any other spots in the home that may be target areas for fleas.

My Pest Pros services northern Virginia and Maryland and can answer the call to get rid of your flea problem in the most efficient way possible.

Move Out Flea Inspection

Most leases include a requirement for pet owners to have the home or apartment inspected and treated when moving out. My Pest Pros can provide professional flea removal as well as inspections required to satisfy your lease.

The bottomline on Professional Flea Removal

Fleas can cause an infestation in a short amount of time because of how quickly they spread. There are effective home remedies such as baking soda sprinkled on the carpet or lemon spray squirted on a flea colony that can get rid of fleas fast.

However, if they have established themselves in your home, you may need to call a professional to eliminate them. My Pest Pros can not only exterminate your flea problem but also help prevent them from coming back. Call us at 703-665-4455!