Rhaphidophoridae, often referred to as a spider cricket or Cave or Camel Cricket.

How worried should you be and are spider crickets dangerous? The famous sound of crickets chirping or popping outside can be a comfort to many: they’re a reminder of hot summer nights, vacations, or camping out in the forest. But having crickets in your house is another story, so should you be worried if you have spider crickets, and do crickets bite? How worried should you be and are spider crickets dangerous? What can I do for cricket pest control?

While you might not need to worry about being bitten by a spider cricket, you certainly don’t want them in your house. Spider crickets can be very destructive and are considered a serious pest. If you have an infestation of them in your home, you should immediately call a reputable pest control company.

Do You Have Spider Crickets in Your Home?

Of all the different types of cricket, spider crickets can be terrifying to look at. They have long legs and bodies that look like those of a cockroach. They’re jumping crickets, too, so can be a pretty creepy little bug to have around!

Finding the odd one in the yard isn’t a problem. These crickets, also known as cave crickets and camel crickets, don’t have any interest in biting humans. If they jump on you, they’ll soon jump off again. The problem is that they love to eat things in your home, and they can be very destructive.

Spider crickets love to eat wood, carpets, fabrics (including curtains, bedding, clothes, etc.), plants, and even fungus. They don’t care whether it’s a piece of rotting wood or an antique dresser: to a spider cricket, they’re both delicious.

If you’ve seen one of them inside your home, then there’s a chance that there are more. Spider crickets reproduce quickly and can soon infest homes. And while all bugs are part of the ecosystem, they’re not meant to live in houses and will soon take over, so it’s important to get rid of them immediately. Cricket pest control is not easy and often requires an experienced pest control company like My Pest Pros.

Why a Spider Cricket May Choose Your Home

Spider crickets aren’t like regular crickets. They don’t make the iconic cricket noise because they don’t need to. Crickets usually make that chirping noise if they’re looking for a mate, but spider crickets attract mates by using scent. And that could be bad news if they’ve chosen your home to build their nests.

They love basements, so if you’re struggling with a spider cricket infestation, chances are that’s where they first got in. Even if you don’t have a basement in your home, keep in mind that spider crickets love dark, damp places.

They prefer Fall time to Spring to begin their invasions, so once the summer is over, they like to set up camp in these dark, damp places to begin their reproductive cycles. Crawl spaces, sheds, and garages are also prime spider cricket real estate.

Dampness is the biggest cricket bait. There doesn’t have to be much of it; simply the dankness of a crawl space will be enough. And if there’s mold, too, then that’s even more of a draw for these insects, because they feed on mold spores and fungus.

Help! I Think I Have Spider Crickets!

Where there are one or two inside a house, chances are there are more lurking. And the thought of having an infestation can make you shiver, but don’t panic! Searches online that ask are spider crickets dangerous will soon reveal that they’re not harmful to humans, but to homes and property.

First, try and find what part of your home they’ve made their home. Check the darkest, coolest, and dampest areas of the house first.

Then, try and eliminate as much dampness as possible. By drying out the area, you may find that the crickets no longer get what they need from your home, and they’ll move on to find somewhere that has juicier mold spores.

Another option is to use bait-loaded traps. Putting a piece of damp, moldy bread onto a pest trap filled with glue can draw them in. Dish soap in a bowl of water is also effective at attracting them so that they drown.

However, because they reproduce so quickly, spider crickets can rapidly become a pest too large for a homeowner to deal with by themselves. And given their destructive nature, it’s best to tackle a spider cricket infestation quickly and efficiently to ensure minimum damage and disruption. A good cricket removal service can help.

By giving a pest control team like those at MyPestPros a call at 703-665-4455, you can schedule an inspection and immediately find out the best cause of action. We offer the best cricket pest control in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The best pest control companies will not only rid your home of the immediate problem, but they’ll help put in place a plan that will last all year round, stopping the infestation from recurring.

Responsible companies will also only use products that keep you and your family safe. After all, why choose to rid the home of pests if it makes the place dangerous for humans afterward? So, only employ companies who use safe, ‘green’ products.

Once the infestation is swiftly dealt with, you can go back to enjoying the chirping of crickets from afar, and not from inside your home! And you can sleep peacefully knowing that spider crickets dangerous!