Dog in halloween costume

Halloween is almost upon us and whether you are dodging falling bats (yes, they fall when it gets cold), worrying over the frantic scurrying sounds in the walls, or contemplating letting the kids watch Arachnophobia, it's the time of year to worry about all three. This is primetime for rats, spiders, bats, and many other creepy pests that want to haunt your home all winter.

Rats, bats, and spiders have a few things in common when the fall months arrive, heading into winter. They’re all actively pursuing specific goals, including the propagation of the species, finding food and water, or just getting out of the cold. 

It's entirely coincidental that these frightening three become more prevalent as Halloween approaches. After all, spiders, bats, and rats followed the same patterns when we were no more technologically advanced than cave wall fingerpainting, long before the first Halloween.

It’s Raining Bats

Well, maybe it's not that bad around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., but in the northern states, such as New York, Minnesota, Maine, Wisconsin, etc, bats tend to fall from their perches because they’re cold and half-starved. Bats hibernate, and after they finish gorging on every insect they can get their greedy little mouths on.

Bats are aware that winter is approaching and they need to thicken up before the cold air drives away all the delicious bugs. That’s why you see them more in the fall. If you spot them near your home, there’s a chance you have a nest in your attic.

That’s right, a whole host of bats hanging from your attic rafters. Their droppings present more danger than the bats, however. Uric acid is a strong component in bat droppings, and this nasty little chemical will eat its way through your structural support.

Rats in the Walls

If they’re in your walls, they’re everywhere. Rats are notoriously destructive, chewing through almost anything to create nesting material. Their droppings carry a host of diseases, and they can also damage your home’s electrical wiring.

Rats chew indiscriminately and what’s one fried rat on a 20-gauge wire, when you’re infested? Rats are attracted to all the things vermin and insects are attracted to—food, warmth, shelter, and water.

Your home is a source of all four, especially if you tend to leave the dirty dishes laid out and fail to clean your pantry up routinely. What’s worse, is the coming cold drives them toward shelter. As if your home wasn’t attractive enough, winter gives them a new excuse to invade.

Spider Mating Season

If you thought one spider was bad enough, the fall months are mating season, which means there are about to be more of them. Spiders are usually pretty good at remaining out of sight and out of mind. However, they just can’t help themselves in the fall.

They’re looking for mates and they just spent an entire summer eating all the bugs around your house. And you thought you were the one keeping the bugs out. Now, these spiders are huge, having reached their adult size, and the males are looking for a little female attention.

You’re far more likely to see spiders inside your home, rather than their typical hangout spots in your garden or rearview mirror. As they seek mates, they’re also seeking food, water, and shelter.

Since they’re at their largest and fiending for a mate, they’re likely to be less cautious and skitter right over your naked toes when you’re brushing your teeth.

Do it Yourself or Call a Professional?

A lot of people prefer to try and do things on their own and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, an infestation is beyond the capabilities of most people, simply because they lack the tools to locate the heart of it or find them in the walls.

There are some things that you can do to create a preventative atmosphere throughout your home. That includes deep cleaning your entire home and being more productive about sealing everything in your pantry.

Corners and behind appliances are the world’s worst because no one ever cleans behind them—at least not thoroughly. Plus, you run the risk of a plaster bagworm infestation if you don’t get the spiders under control. Plaster bagworms love to feed on spiderwebs and they’ll eventually turn into moths.

My Pest Pros will be able to take care of the creepy crawlers residing in your blind spot. They’re a top-rated pest control company in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. and offer a number of services, many of which include rats, mice, and spiders.

We also offer organic pest control options, preventative treatments, interior and exterior, spider dewebbing, multiple treatments per year, and bundled pricing. While Halloween is supposed to be a fun and spooky time of the year, it shouldn’t be because you’re afraid of your own house.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait till Halloween to give My Pest Pros a call at 703-665-4455. By the time October 31 rolls around, a burgeoning infestation may reach its peak. Rats, bats, and spiders aren’t going to offer you the convenience of waiting to breed, shelter, and ultimately, feed.