You're sitting there in your home in Reston, and you spot a little blue-grey insect crawling across your floor. A silverfish! But where has it come from? We’re here to shed some light on why you have a silverfish infestation and how to eliminate them from your home in Reston, Virginia.

Silverfish in Reston are a common pest problem alt

What Is A Silverfish?

A silverfish is a blue-grey shiny insect that can look silver in the light. It’s fin-like body makes it dart like a fish, earning the nocturnal bug its name. They scuttle fast, and enjoy burrowing and hiding in damp places. Silverfish can live for as long as eight years and lay 50 eggs every month.

Why Are There Silverfish In My Home?

As we all know, Reston can get cold and damp in winter, and hot and humid in the summer. Silverfish love humidity and wet environments. You may see them pop up in your basement or bathroom. Silverfish are often found in places that could have mold or damp. Silverfish burrow through entryways into the home, so may have made their way through a rotten floorboard or door frame. That means as well as the issue of the pest, you may want to have someone check your floors or walls for mold.

Do Silverfish Cause Any Damage?

Silverfish like books, papers, carpets, tapestries and old clothes, so can destroy your belongings if they aren’t removed. They can also break into pantries and lay eggs in your opened pasta, spice or cereal packets. In large numbers they can also destroy your home furnishings like wallpaper. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish in Reston, Virginia?

While only a local pest control specialist in Reston, Virginia can truly help you get rid of the problem, you can also take several natural steps yourself to get rid of silverfish

Some handy tips include:

  • Caulking gaps in your door frames or walls to avoid them coming through.
  • Having someone check the integrity of your walls and floors to avoid damp or mold.
  • Moving external damp spots like wet leaves, old timber or mulch.
  • Clearing gutters as blocked or damp gutters can attract silverfish.
  • Cedar shavings, cinnamon or cloves can naturally repel silverfish.
  • Table salt can naturally dehydrate the silverfish, killing them over time.

Why Is It Better To Get A Pest Control Specialist To Help?

Silverfish live for a long time and reproduce frequently, so natural remedies are unlikely to resolve the problem. In fact, while silverfish on their own are not dangerous, a large infestation can destroy wallpaper, furniture and your entire collection of books. Our friendly local services in Reston, Virginia are intended to quickly, safely and properly remove silverfish before they become a menace in your home. An expert pest control specialist will use safe and contained methods for removing all pests in a controlled way.

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