Sentricon is a popular termite baiting system developed by Dow AgroSciences. It was introduced in 1995 and has become a leading alternative to liquid termiticides. Sentricon effectively targets subterranean termites, which are the most common and most damaging types found in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

How Termite Bait Stations Work

Bait systems like Sentricon are non-repellant. They are designed to attract foraging workers and supply a good source of food laced with a growth-regulating chemical that's transported back to the colony. Sentricon relies on a patented termite growth regulator called noviflumuron. This active ingredient prevents termites from molting and maturing, so it can effectively target the entire colony.

Liquid Termiticides vs. Sentricon

Liquid treatments require extensive digging and drilling around your home's foundation. They work quickly by killing or repelling termites that reach the barrier. However, they can never affect the entire colony, so the problem may return. These treatments were the only option for controlling termites until Sentricon hit the market.

Sentricon takes longer to work, but the bait stations can eliminate the infestation and provide continued protection. Termite populations gradually decrease until the colony is eliminated. The process may take as little as three months or up to a year. It depends on the soil temperature and moisture levels as well as the colony's size and foraging strength. Noviflumuron acts slowly so that the workers continue to feed on the bait to maximize the results. Sentricon is also effective at controlling invasive Formosan termites that have recently arrived in Virginia.

Benefits of Sentricon

In addition to targeting termites with minimal disruption to your home and landscaping, Sentricon has numerous other benefits. The bait stations are installed under the ground and have a locking lid so that they can't be accessed by children or pets. Noviflumuron has a low risk of affecting non-target species and contaminating the water table. In 2000, Sentricon received the Presidential Green Chemistry Award from the EPA.

Installing and Maintaining Sentricon

Our Certified Sentricon Specialists usually install bait stations below the ground, but special aboveground delivery systems can be used if there is visible activity. When placed near termite hot spots, feeding occurs faster. That's why our experts assess your property first to pinpoint active areas and to position the bait stations where they will be most effective. Once installed, we will visit your property annually to replenish the bait.

If you have noticed termite damage, seen active swarms or discovered any other warning signs, call our Fairfax office. At My Pest Pros, we are experts at eliminating termites and protecting local homes from costly damage.