During the spring, summer and fall, you can findcommon pests crawling and flying both indoors and outside. If you are like many people, you might be asking yourself where pests go when it gets cold and starts to snow. Because rodents, insects and other pests have trouble surviving in the snow, they will start looking for a warm place in which to take shelter, and your home is the perfect target. Unless you take steps to protect yourself and your home, you will likely have an infestation on your hands in no time. Those who overlook the importance of educating themselves and of taking action will probably face problems that they could have avoided.

Prevention Tips

If you want to secure your home from unwanted pests this winter, then learning a few tips will work wonders to help you reach your goal. Rodents and insects will use small holes and cracks in your doors, windows and walls to make their way inside. So putting a waterproof sealant in the cracks of your windows is a smart move. Also, cover any holes in the side of your home to keep rodents away if you don't want to share your home with them. Because these pests are always searching for a consistent source of food, keeping your yard and home clean at all times will provide you with impressive results.

Warning Signs

Those who wish to keep their homes pest free during the winter months must also learn about the warning signs that pests leave behind. For example, mice will chew holes through your walls and cabinets, but they will also leave droppings around your home. Depending on the extent of the infestation, you might be able to spot insects that are trying to take over your home. When spiders are nearby, you will often find cobwebs near the ceiling and behind your furniture. If you miss the warning signs, then the infestation will have plenty of time to spread. But with a little vigilance, you will spot an infestation before it has time to progress, and solving the problem will be that much easier.

My Pest Pros

You can take many steps to protect and defend your home from common pests, but you can only do so much. If you don't want to give rodents, insects and spiders the chance to invade your home, then call My Pest Pros in the D.C. Metro Area right away. You can ask us any questions that you might have, and we will provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence. We take pride in our work, so we will also take the needed steps to remove infestations of all sizes.