Pest control is a highly competitive business. There are countless companies to choose from in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Given so many options, why do thousands of customers trust My Pest Pros?

Our Standards

When services are provided in the home, clients should have full assurance that the company providing them complies with industry standards.

Our technicians are not only licensed and insured, but they are knowledgeable and experienced. From the first consultation to treatment and follow-up, customer calls are answered with courtesy and a sense of urgency. Technicians always arrive on time. Inspections are precise, and treatments are thorough.

My Pest Pros is family owned and operated. Our credentials and high standards are backed up in writing, and we consistently receive excellent customer reviews.

Our Treatment Plans

We never try to sell customers protection that they don't need. Our service contracts don't contain hidden costs. After identifying the problem, we thoroughly explain treatment options and recommend the appropriate level of protection.

Some common pest problems can be solved with a one-time treatment and preventative measures. Others call for quarterly or bimonthly inspections and treatment. Pests that cause serious structural damage, like termites, are more difficult to get rid of. Those services are priced separately or rolled into our most comprehensive treatment plan.

In all cases, our service agreements are easy to understand. Costs for our various treatment plans are outlined up front. If additional treatment is required between regularly scheduled services, it is free of charge.

Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Client safety and stewardship of the environment are two of our greatest concerns. As a result, we’ve earned the trust of day care operators, health care professionals, restaurant owners and many others.

We make every effort to avoid or minimize the use of chemicals. Once we've isolated a problem, we try organic means to solve it before introducing pesticides. Unlike other companies that advertise naturally based products, we guarantee that our chemical-free ingredients are 100 percent organic.

Chemical treatment is sometimes necessary, however, to ensure that a building is free of rodents and insects that spread disease.

If you have a pest problem, join the thousands of customers who trust My Pest Pros for their own solutions. Call today for a free consultation and quote.