Although termites tend to be less active during the colder months, they do not hibernate like many mammals do. People are more likely to encounter them while landscaping, gardening or making property repairs during the warmer seasons, but termites can cause just as much trouble during the winter as they do during the summer. Termite damage costs businesses and homeowners in D.C. thousands of dollars each year, and the longer you wait to address a termite issue, the higher your repair bills can rise. Find out how to safeguard your home from these wood-eating critters throughout all seasons.

Can Termites Survive In Cold Weather?

Termites can thrive as long as they have access to water, wood and a little warmth, so a heated building makes for a perfect winter home. Different types of termites behave uniquely, and determining which kind you're dealing with is vital to properly addressing the problem, which is why you should call a professional exterminator before trying to fight off an infestation on your own.

How Termites Enter Buildings

Since termites can squeeze through tiny gaps in your foundation, roof or windows, regular property maintenance is the first step to termite prevention. Anywhere there is wood-to-ground contact is enticing to termites, but they can also seep through cracks in concrete. Piles of firewood and puddles of water near your foundation are virtually invitations for termites to enter.

Subterranean Termites v.s. Drywood Termites

Subterranean termites usually burrow underground as temperatures drop, and they can construct tunnels out of mud to infiltrate buildings from beneath. If you notice little tunnels protruding from the ground in your yard, you should call a professional pest control expert to treat your lawn and check your interior as well. In addition to inexplicable structural damage, other signs of a home termite infestation include discarded wings and reproductive castes.

Not all infestations begin underground; the winged variety of drywood termites can enter your home from any altitude. Once a single one of these "swarmers" gets inside, it can start laying eggs and establish an entire new colony within your walls. By the time you notice, the termites could have already done significant damage, which is why regular pest inspections are recommend regardless of whether or not your think you have a problem.

My Pest Pros Wins the War Against Termites Every Winter

If you suspect that termites have turned your property into their winter residence, call My Pest Pros to schedule a thorough inspection. We can take care of your termite problem and help you implement measures to prevent future infestations. My Pest Pros also knows how to handle bed bugs, spiders, rodents and all other types of wildlife that pester home and business owners in Washington, D.C. As part of our commitment to protecting human environments, we only use organic pest treatments that are harmless to people and pets. Call My Pest Pros for a free quote on our termite eradication services. For unparalleled protection against termites all year long, inquire about our annual service plans for residential and commercial properties in D.C.