Have you ever wondered why certain yards have a lot of mosquitos and others don't? Or why mosquitoes are attracted to you? While some people seem to be mosquito magnets, others are simply ignored by mosquitoes. There are several major reasons why some homes and people attract mosquitoes, and what you can do to minimize your chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Are mosquitoes attracted to you
Some people are especially attractive to mosquitoes.

What Attracts Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes feed on both blood and nectar. Mosquitoes are also attracted to water because it supplies them with hydration as well as a suitable environment in which to lay their eggs. This means that homes with a lot of water and flowers are more likely to attract mosquitos. Mosquitoes are attracted to plants as well. Mosquitoes prefer to reproduce in troughs, therefore plants that allow water to pool in them are more likely to attract them. The mainline is that mosquitoes will be attracted to anything on your property that can contain water. Mosquitoes will congregate around water in any container, from birdbaths to clogged gutters and beyond. Mosquitoes can breed in less than a teaspoon of water!

Backyard Areas That Mosquitoes Like

Mosquitoes are affected by the ozone layer depletion in the same way as people are. The bottom line is that the world is becoming far too hot. Mosquitoes seek a protected environment that is safe, cool, and out of direct sunlight. Mosquitoes will concentrate in parts of your property that are shaded from the sun during the scorching hot daytime hours. If you have tall weeds, grass, or bushes in your yard, you will almost certainly have more mosquitoes. Under decks, trampolines and playsets are other areas where mosquitoes can seek shelter in your backyard.

Enjoy a mosquito-free yard
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Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants, and other scents. Mosquitoes are particularly attracted to floral fragrances. This means that properties with a lot of lovely-smelling flowers are far more likely to attract a lot of mosquitoes.

This isn't to mean that you should get rid of all your flowers. Instead, be selective while purchasing flowers. You can limit the number of mosquitoes harassing you and your family by choosing flowers, bushes, and other plants that do not have a strong aroma. Alternatively, mosquitoes will swarm along the perimeter of your property if you grow strongly-scented flowers and other plants far away from your pool, treehouse, garden, and other yard elements.

Mosquitoes Prefer Certain Colors

Dark colors attract these pesky pests, according to numerous research. Mosquitoes prefer everything with a deep and dark hue, from dark-colored garments to dark paint and beyond. These obnoxious bugs have excellent vision, allowing them to see targets from distance. Consider changing the color of your home, lawn ornaments, or clothing to reduce your mosquito problem.

Mosquito yard treatment
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