Termites are no laughing matter: while they may seem like a relatively inconvenient pest, they're actually one of the most dangerous in the world. Not because they spread disease or have a poisonous bite, but because they threaten the basic structure and stability of your home.

Here's a basic timeline of what will happen if termites invade your home:

If a queen termite makes its way into your home, she'll find a safe place to nest and will immediately start eating. As she eats, she will grow and begin to lay eggs. The food she eats is necessary for taking care of her early worker termites.

These first few termites in a colony will work to expand it, voraciously eating the wood in your home to expand the colony size and to feed the new-born termites. Slowly but surely, they will start to expand beyond their initial infestation and head to further areas in your home.

Here's where the dangerous part comes in: as they spread, they will begin to eat whatever wood they can find. And since most termite species prefer dark, damp areas, that's likely to be in your basement or foundation.

You can probably imagine what happens next: the termites will begin attacking the wooden support beams of your home, potentially damaging your foundation, and dangerously impacting the stability and structure of your home.

The worst part about all this? You probably won't even realize it's happening. Termites don't venture into the light much and rarely have reason to come into your living areas. Instead, they'll be literally eating your home from the inside out.

If you have spotted even one termite in your home, immediately call a pest control expert immediately. And then call a home inspector: there's a good chance the wood in your home has already been severely damaged.