Pest Guide: What to Know About Silverfish

Why Does Your Home Have a Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish love the humid climate around Washington D.C. If you notice silver streaks and yellow stains around your home, you could have a silverfish infestation. But what draws them into some homes and not others? Knowing what factors drive silverfish infestations can help you identify one of yours.

Silverfish can infest your home due to several different reasons:

  • Silverfish in your yard, such as in a wood or mulch pile, could wander indoors or be carried in unknowingly by you or a visitor.
  • Your home has gaps in its envelope, such as cracks or water damage, that allow silverfish a way inside.
  • Old clothing, books, wallpaper, and other carbohydrates are some of the favorite foods of silverfish that are readily available to them.
  • Some rooms in your home retain excess humidity, sometimes due to a design problem, such as your bathroom or basement.

Identifying and fixing the causes of a silverfish infestation is essential to clearing it for good. A professional exterminator can help you with this to protect your home from other pests.

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Silverfish Life Cycle and Behaviors

Silverfish on a wall

Silverfish have an unusual mating strategy that can make them difficult to eradicate. Unlike most other insects, silverfish engage in love dances during reproduction. During mating, a male and female will touch their antennas. Once they have stimulated one another, the male will run away, and the female will chase them.

At this point, the male will create special Y-shaped structures out of a silky material. They will then lay a spermatophore into the structure. The females then walk to the structure and pick up the spermatophore, depositing it into her ovipositors. Once fertilized, the female will produce anywhere from two to sixty eggs, depending on the species.

Silverfish can mate all year round, meaning you won't get a seasonal reprieve once they're in your home. That makes it essential to contact a professional exterminator if you have silverfish.


Common Questions About Silverfish

Silverfish aren't known to be dangerous to humans. However, silverfish may trigger allergies in some people. Additionally, they leave droppings and stains around your home, and their bodies can serve as food for other, more dangerous pests. Like any insect infestation, they may be associated with respiratory issues the longer they are in your home. Silverfish do damage fabrics such as silks and cotton. They are attracted to books, paper, glues in books, sugar, and textiles or fabrics.

Silverfish require a professional to eradicate them. Some people use cinnamon to drive silverfish away from some areas, but this doesn't kill them. Silverfish traps can eliminate some of the silverfish, but they won't get all of them. The silverfish habitats must be cleared, and it can be hard to identify where they are or eliminate them on your own.

Silverfish can't generally harm pets. They don't bite, and they don't typically carry any diseases. However, if silverfish are on your property, they often indicate that another pest is nearby or could have adequate habitat to establish itself. That makes removing factors that can support a silverfish infestation around your home essential.

Tips for Preventing Silverfish

  • Seal cracks and crevices around baseboards, outlets and other gaps inside your home
  • Eliminate leaks
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Eliminate paper and other clutter

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Silverfish

Our expert team is skilled in locating and eradicating Silverfish. We use EPA-registered products for pest control use that are effective and safe to use around the home. Our technicians are specifically licensed and trained in applying these products so your children and pets remain safe while getting rid of the Silverfish.

Whenever you trust our team to handle your Silverfish problems, you can trust that you will receive quick and efficient care. It’s our goal to arrive at the property as soon as the same day or the next to handle the Silverfish population as soon as possible.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your silverfish problem, today and tomorrow.

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