Pest Guide : What Is Spider?

What You Need to Know About Spiders

Spiders are arachnids that come in many species. Although some are harmless, others are dangerous to have around the home. Contact spider extermination professionals to get rid of your spider problem and keep your home safe.

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How to Identify a Spider Infestation

What to know about spiders in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.


Our area is home to dozens of spider species. Some of the most common spiders in our area include the following:

  • Yellow Sac Spider: About 1/2 inch long and pale yellow in color. Often move inside during the fall. They spin silken sacks where they rest during the day and hunt at night for small insects. They may bite humans, but their venom only causes symptoms similar to a mosquito bite.
  • Wolf Spider: Large, hairy spiders that are almost an inch long. They are solitary and stalk their prey for short distances. Wolf Spiders are scary looking, but they normally do not bite and are not dangerous.
  • Black Widow Spider: About 1/2 inch long and mainly oily black with defining reddish marks. Often, the reddish marks are in the shape of an hourglass located on the abdomen underside. Black Widows are normally outside in dark, undisturbed corners, but they can also be found in basements, barns, garages, and other similar structures. These spiders are venomous, though rarely lead to death. It’s important to seek treatment if you are bitten by a Black Widow spider.
  • Brown Recluse Spider: About 1/3 of an inch long with long, smooth legs. Its identifying mark is a brown, violin-looking design. Brown Recluses are normally in the same area as Black Widows, but they can also be found in boxes of clothing or under beds. Brown Recluse spiders are venomous and can lead to death. Seek treatment right away if you are bitten by one of these spiders.

Common Questions About Spiders

All homes have spiders because these insects are predatory and small. They often come onto property in search for food and they can sneak through the smallest of crevices.

Most spiders are not dangerous and help to keep your home free from other pests. However, some species, such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse, are venomous. Others are just a nuisance that can give you a fright or create webs in inopportune spaces.

All spiders bit, but thankfully most spiders in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. are not poisonous. Many people have an allergic reaction to a spider bite. However, most spider bites only result in an itchy bump. Consult a physician if you are concerned about a spider bite or have a severe reaction.

Getting rid of spiders is a scary task. Skip DIY methods and talk to our team immediately to exterminate your spider problem.

There are DIY spider solutions available on the market, but these solutions are often ineffective and can become dangerous if you have a venomous species. For these reasons, do not try to get rid of spiders yourself. It’s best to go with professionals to keep you and your family safe.


Tips for Preventing Spiders

  • Repair any holes or gaps around the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Mow the lawn and trim trees and bushes around the house.
  • Clean and vacuum regularly, especially around corners.
  • Install screens in windows and sliding doors.
  • Declutter areas such as basements and garages.
  • Keep foundation, mortar, and weather-protective measures up to date and repaired.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Spiders

Our team is extremely trained in identifying and safely exterminating a variety of spider species. We use EPA-registered products that are effective at exterminating spiders while still being safe for use around the home. Our technicians are specifically trained in applying these products to ensure your children and pets are safe while the products are in use.

It’s our goal to provide spider extermination help as soon as possible. We will try to be at your property as soon as the same day you call or the next to keep your home spider free.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your spider problem, today and tomorrow.

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