wasp nestSigns of pests awakening for spring

If you are like most people, you probably don't give pests much thought during the cold months of winter. Although pests are less active in the cold, they will make a quick return as spring approaches. You should start learning about the signs for which to look when your goal is to avoid an infestation. Some homeowners overlook the importance of educating themselves, and they are likely to find unwelcome guests in their homes as a result. Waiting too long to get an insect or rodent problem under control gives the creatures enough time to spread and cause damage. You are about to learn the facts you need to keep yourself and your home safe this spring.

Common Spring Pests

Before you move forward, you must learn about the types of pests you might encounter when the temperature starts to increase. Rodents, spiders, and wasps are just a few of the pests that you can expect to see, and they take shelter at the end of each year because they are unlikely to survive otherwise. When warm air moves in, they will venture out to explore and find a food source. Residential and commercial buildings are the perfect targets for these creatures, but learning the right steps to take will work wonders to keep your home free of pests.

The Most Common Warning Signs

Those who wish to secure their homes and prevent an invasion need to spot the warning signs early. Mice and other rodents will chew holes in your walls to get inside, but after they are in your home, they won't waste any time trying to locate their next meal, and if they find your kitchen, they will chew holes in your food packages. So if you notice holes in your walls or cabinets, rodents are probably nearby. When spring weather arrives, spiders will become even more active, so look for cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling, behind furniture, and in your window seals. Some wasps will build nests with mud, but others will search for holes in wood, on the ground, or the sides of buildings. If you spot any of these warning signs, then spring pests are awakening and have likely invaded your home.

My Pest Pros

No matter how tempting, don't try to manage or control a pest problem on your own when your goal is to enjoy the best possible results. When people try to handle rodents and insects without the proper tools and knowledge, they have a chance of reaching their goals, but those who fail to control the situation will later have an even worse problem to combat. If you are serious about keeping pests away, turn to My Pest Pros for help. When you do so, we will send a friendly and experienced team to your location to evaluate your situation. The team will then get to work removing the pests that are plaguing your DC area property. So call My Pest Pros right away, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us to Schedule a treatment today for local pest control.