You might be under the impression that cockroaches are normally only a problem for people who do not keep a clean home. Although keeping food put away and cleaning up spills and trash can certainly help prevent a cockroach infestation, however, sometimes being clean is not enough.

It's Harder to Keep Roaches at Bay in Certain Climates

Cockroaches thrive in warm, humid environments. If you live in an area with high humidity levels and warm temperatures, it can be tough to prevent roaches, no matter how clean you might be.

It Could Be Your Neighbors

There is always a chance that a roach infestation can make its way from a neighbor's home to yours. This is especially true if you share walls and live in close quarters -- such as in an apartment -- but can be the case in suburban homes as well.

They May Have Already Been There

If you haven't been living in your home for very long but have recently noticed cockroaches, they might have already been there before you moved in. Roaches try to hide from humans in most cases, so it could take a while before you ever see them.

You Could Have Brought Them Home

Unfortunately, roaches and their eggs can hide in cardboard boxes, paper bags and more and can be brought home from local stores or elsewhere.

As you can see, simply keeping a clean home is not always enough to keep cockroaches at bay. Luckily, hiring a pest control company to treat your home can help you get rid of any cockroaches that might be in your home and can help prevent them in the future.