Despite their name, silverfish aren’t fish and don’t live in water, though they do thrive on moisture. Learning how to recognize these pests and the signs of silverfish infestation will help you determine how you can prevent them from taking over your home and when you need to enlist professional help.

Ways to Spot Silverfish in Your Home

Most likely, the first sign silverfish are present is when a homeowner sees one near a source of water like a tub, sink, or laundry room as well as damp storage spaces. Occasionally, the pest makes its way onto a floor or countertop. Silverfish have a telltale appearance of gray or silver-blue coloring, half-inch length, wider head with narrow body, and long antennae. Even if you don’t spot any actual silverfish, though, a number of signs may indicate your home is infested.

Signs of Infestation

Despite their nocturnal nature, silverfish leave behind the following proof of their presence:

  • Small, uneven holes in paper or fabric
  • Molted skin that the silverfish shed
  • Tiny black spots of their excrement
  • Yellowish stains
  • Nests outdoors in bark or other wood, rocks, or construction material in warm weather
  • Indoor nests in damp, dark areas

Ways to Prevent Silverfish From Entering Your Home

Low humidity and a clean home are the keys to preventing a silverfish infestation. Because silverfish love fabric and paper, especially when they’re moist, store these materials in well-sealed boxes that won’t allow moistness in. Avoid using wallpaper or storing books in humid rooms. Don’t leave food packaging open, and clean up food crumbs immediately, especially those that are sugary or starchy or that contain high amounts of protein. Vent humid crawl spaces and basements, and seal up all crevices in your home.

Should you already have silverfish in your home, do-it-yourself solutions will most likely fail because they won’t destroy silverfish at all life stages. They’re also unlikely to keep new silverfish from entering if you didn’t correctly seal up your home. A pest control specialist can inspect your home and set up the best course of action for eliminating your infestation.  contact My Pest Pros today at 703-665-4455. and schedule your treatment!