As the first hint of frost approaches, we're not the only ones whose plans involve hibernating in our homes, safe from the elements. Nature's creatures (or, to be much less pastoral, nature's rodents) are also likely to seek a haven in your home; however, practical preventative measures are the key to keeping pesky outdoor critters away from your property. Let's take a brief look at how these little guys get into your home in the first place and what to do if you suspect an infestation.

Monitor Your Home's Main Entry Points: Typically, rodents take the easy route first by attempting to slip in through windows and doors. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to check these entry points for holes, tears in screening, and cracks. If you locate any problem areas, be sure to repair them immediately using caulk, foam, steel wool pads, or replacement screening, depending on the type of damage involved.

Rodent entrypoint gap in wall
Gaps in exterior walls should be sealed to prevent rodent access.

Examine Your "Great Outdoors": Rodents love an unkempt landscape, so keep your grass cut and any vegetation, debris, and outdoor equipment well away from your home.

Consider the Attic: The attic area of your home offers a cozy retreat for rodents, so remember to have all attic space, including the roof and eaves, regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear.

Recognize When Things are Getting out of Control:

If you're certain that you have rodents and are concerned about the possibility of infestation, there are some definitive signs to look out for, both outside and inside your home. Rats droppings, nesting material (typically paper-based), and holes/chews in any objects in your home could indicate a serious problem. It's very difficult to eliminate these pests on your own since rodents are clever and can deftly dart around traps and other rodent-catching agents. The best course of action to take on your own is to keep your interior free of crumbs and debris and, again, to eliminate cracks and holes in your home's entryways.

Rodents shouldn't rob you of the peace of mind you deserve. Our team at My Pest Pros is committed to assisting our valued customers with all of their pest control needs. Contact us today if you'd like a free consultation or to schedule an inspection for rodent control. We're honored to serve you.