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Most lawn pests aren't threatening to the safety of you or your family. However, there are certain ones that should be eliminated from your yard as soon as possible. The following lawn pests are among the most dangerous:

  • Bees and wasps - These pests will sting when agitated, which causes severe pain and swelling. These stings can also cause dangerous allergic reactions.
  • Ants - Although not generally aggressive, certain species of ants (usually red) may bite and swarm on children or pets.
  • Ticks and mosquitoes - These bloodsuckers spread potent diseases, such as AIDS, Lyme disease, and the Zika virus, which makes them two of the world's most dangerous animals.
  • Termites - The danger of termites is more subtle than that of other lawn pests. Though they don't generally bite people, they can ruin the structural integrity of trees in your yard, causing them to fall over.
  • Praying mantis - These frightening pests won't just destroy the grass in your yard, but can also bite and pinch. Though not poisonous, these attacks are still painful.
  • Moles and other digging pests - These burrowing creatures can be defensive when cornered and may attack. But the biggest danger comes from burrows, which can ruin your lawn.

The problem with many of these pests is that they resist control techniques. Moles are capable of hiding deep underground for lengthy periods of time, while insects often become immune to pesticides.

What can you do about these dangerous pests? Call a professional pest control agent as soon as possible. They will inspect your yard and create a control method that works for your needs. Don't hesitate! Call today.