Ants...are...everywhere in your home! How do they do it? What special powers do they have that allow them to spread so voraciously through your home? Nothing so much as a major genetic and behavioral advantage in the simple, yet effective, structure of their society.

Yes, that's right: society. Ants have a social structure that allows them to not only succeed, but succeed like no other creature on Earth: beyond simple organisms like bacteria, ants outweigh the population of any other living creature. By far: there's something like one ton of ants per every human on the planet.

Ants have one very simple goal that drives their lives: taking care of the queen. This large ant is the one fertile female in their nest and she produces millions of eggs every year. She is surrounded by a caste of male drone ants who's only goal is to breed her and make sure she continues producing offspring.

The female worker and soldier ants toil to make sure she (and the rest of the nest) gets enough food and is protected from outside predators. The single-minded nature of the ant colony allows it to continue growing, unimpeded, in the safety and comfort of your home. After all, most of their natural predators will be locked outside your walls.

So what do you do? Give in and let ants take over your home? Never! Just call a professional right away. They know how to find the queen ant and kill her...which cripples your ant colony and drives it out of your home. Simply put, you turn their strength into a weakness.