If you've spotted a pest in your home, that doesn't necessarily mean they have settled in for the long haul. They may have just wandered in through the door or window. However, there are signs that pests have settled into your home for good. These signs include:

  • Consistently seeing the same pest type - If you suffer from multiple instances of seeing the same type of pest, there's a good chance a family or group have moved in your home.
  • The type of species - Certain types of pests are more likely to settle indoors than others. For example, hornets aren't as likely to settle in your home as ants.
  • Fecal matter - Every creature on Earth lays some form of fecal matter, and if you keep finding piles of it around your house, indoor pests have settled. This is especially true if you find it in the same locations every day.
  • Disappearing food - Indoor pests have to eat, and they will turn to your food sources whenever possible. Ants and mice are especially destructive in this aspect, though it can happen with other pests.
  • Damaged home interior - While not all indoor pests are destructive, a majority of them will chew some aspect of your home's interior. This symptom is typical of ants, mice, and termites.

What do you do when pests settle into your home? You call a professional pest exterminator right away. They will come in and find a solution for your problem. Most people lack the specialized skills to exterminate pests on their own.