A tick burrowing into skin

Ticks may be small creatures, but they present a very real threat, especially to children. Ticks can carry a whole host of different diseases, but the one that you really want to be wary of is Lyme disease. In the early stages, Lyme disease can cause your child to have flu-like symptoms. If left unchecked, it can cause lifelong issues. That is why tick control is important.

Sadly, there are far too few parents who know exactly how to protect their children from ticks. This is why we want to share a couple of helpful tips with you. My Pest Pros deals with tick infestation on a regular basis, so we know what to do.

How to Protect Your Kids From Tick

Avoid Bushy or Heavily Grassy Areas

While ticks could be anywhere, they tend to spend most of their time loitering around dense bushes and thick grasses.

If you do your utmost to keep your children out of those places, then you are going to be steering clear of about 90% of all potential tick attacks.

If you have your children playing out in the yard, then we suggest that you keep that grass to a minimum. If you have bushes or flowerbeds, then encourage your children to not go near them. If your children aren’t listening, then it may be wise to rope the areas off instead. You just need to do something.

Inspect Your Children For Ticks Regularly

You should regularly be checking your children for ticks. They won’t like it, because they will need to be completely naked for those tick inspections, but it is the only way to be 100% sure.

If you spot a tick on your child, then pluck it off immediately. There are plenty of guides to removing ticks out there.

If you have removed a tick, then keep an eye on your child over the next few days. If there is a change in the bite site, or your child has developed flu-like symptoms, then head to the doctor. If your child has Lyme disease, then it needs to be dealt with immediately.

Wear Light Covered Clothing

Honestly, a lot of the best tips for protecting children during tick season is to get them in the right clothing. Start with light-colored clothing.

Ticks are a dark color, mostly reddish-brown. If your child is wearing dark clothing, then you may not spot the ticks. This gives the tick more of an opportunity to work its way into your child’s clothes or hang around until it has time to make the jump onto your child’s skin.

Light clothing will have that tick lighting up like a traffic light. As soon as you spot them, pull them off.

Tie Up Long Hair

Ticks are always looking for something to latch onto. Keep your child’s hair tied up. You can also stick them in a hat. If a tick gets on your child’s hair, then it can easily result in said tick working its way up to their head. It won’t be pleasant.

Tuck In Those Pants

Again, it’s all about the clothing. Keep your child’s pants tucked into their socks. Long boots wouldn’t go amiss here. If your child’s pants are tucked in, then there is less opportunity for that tick to work its way up the child’s leg before you catch it.

Wear Long-Sleeve Shirts

Long-sleeve shirts will also work wonders for keeping those ticks at bay. Less skin to hang onto. If your child is willing, you can even put them in a pair of gloves. However, very few children are willing to do that at the height of the tick season.

Use Insect Repellent

This shouldn’t be your only defense (all of the other tips trump it), but if you can get hold of some insect repellent, then give your child a spray. It may keep some of the ticks away, which is fantastic.

Look Into Organic Tick Control

A lot of people think about how they can protect their children from ticks in the great outdoors of Virginia. However, ticks aren’t just in those sprawling meadows or forests. They are also present in your yard, and we bet your child is going to be spending a lot more time there.

Thankfully, protecting your child in your yard is far easier. My Pest Pros offers several organic tick control solutions. We can help to keep backyard tick populations under control. This helps to keep your child safe, even in the heart of tick-heavy Virginia.

Reach out to the team here at My Pest Pros today. Let’s get your children properly protected. Schedule Your Treatment Today!