Ticks and fleas are always a threat during the summer. Both of these parasites have the potential to cause trouble. While they feed on your blood, the likelihood of you becoming infected increases dramatically. Here are some tips to help you to remain safe.


Where do ticks hide?

Ticks typically remain hidden in tall grass and brush. You must be especially careful around wooded areas. They love the dark, humid environment. As you walk past, a tick can easily latch onto your skin. Family pets are especially at risk. Ticks will quickly bury themselves underneath the animal’s fur.

What attracts ticks?

Ticks are attracted by skin secretions and carbon dioxide. It doesn’t take long for a tick to detect the presence of a warm-blooded animal. They can actually spend their entire life on a single host.

How to keep ticks at bay

By wearing white socks, you will be able to easily see a crawling tick. Always check yourself for ticks before going indoors. If you happen to spot a tick on you, use tweezers to immediately remove it. Pets should be treated with a repellent throughout the summer. It is also advisable to mow your lawn on a regular basis.


Where do fleas take cover?

Like ticks, fleas prefer to hide in shady areas. They also need moisture in order to survive. Leaf piles and bushes are the perfect habitats. If a pet happens to bring fleas into your home, expect them to take refuge in your carpet and furniture.

What lures fleas?

These pests have the ability to jump more than a foot into the air. Unsurprisingly, fleas love to cling onto animals. A pet's warm blood is irresistible. Movement also attracts fleas.

Ways to ward off fleas

Preventive measures such as washing your pets will make a big difference. Make it a priority to vacuum your carpet at least a few times a week. Wild animals are known for having fleas, so try to keep them off your property.

Get an Extra Layer of Protection

The easiest way to protect your family from ticks and fleas is to call a professional. By treating your yard, My Pest Pros will enable everyone to truly enjoy being outside during the summer. Our highly trained technicians know the best ways to keep away theses pests. The flea control formulas are non-toxic, so you never have to worry about being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

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