As a rule, the best time for a termite inspection is immediately. If you think that you have termites, an inspection is a must. However, if you are planning on buying a home or a business soon and want to know when to set up inspections, late winter is usually an ideal time. This is the time when termites are not as active. As the temperatures rise in early spring, termites become more active and multiply.

When a termite colony gets larger, some termites leave and form new colonies, which are usually also on your property. The termites that leave are called swarmers, and they appear during the warmer spring months through early summer. Catching a termite colony before it spreads will minimize the damage to your home or business and also your wallet.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation

If you know where solid support studs for the building are located, try knocking on the wall in those areas. An unusually hollow sound may indicate a termite problem behind the walls. Look carefully on the outside walls of the home and along the foundation. If you see small tubes made of dirt clinging to the walls or the ground, these are termite tunnels. They build them to enter a building. Look for rotting tree bark, damp firewood and other sources of dying wood that may have termites. You may see visibly gnawed wood in a garage or along the eaves in some cases. If you have dry wood termites indoors, you may notice gnawed furniture, textiles, and wallpaper as well. Swarmers or their shed wings also indicate a serious problem.

Why You Need Immediate Treatment

Never put off termite treatment when you suspect or know of a problem. Allowing the infestation to worsen for even a week can cost you hundreds of dollars more in damages. Do not try chemicals from home improvement stores or DIY methods found online. These removal attempts only send termites to harder-to-find places under the structure or behind the walls. Since termites can rapidly destroy your home or business and your budget, they must be taken seriously. Professionals know how to find all termite colonies on your property and quickly eliminate them.

At My Pest Pros, we strongly recommend regular preventative treatments whether you have had termites in the past or not. When compared to paying for the structural damages and removal costs associated with an infestation, preventative treatments are an excellent value for your protection and peace of mind. If you need a termite inspection or want more information about preventing these destructive pests, contact My Pest Pros today at 703-665-4455. and schedule for termite inspection!